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A new, fully open access journal from the American Geophysical Union relating the Earth and environmental sciences to human, agricultural, and environmental health

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GeoHealth  will publish original research, reviews, policy discussions, and commentaries that cover the growing science on the interface among the Earth, atmospheric, oceans and environmental sciences, ecology, and the agricultural and health sciences. Key topics will be the impacts of global change on human and agricultural health and disease and ecosystem health and services, A wide variety of global and local issues will be covered, including air pollution, use and impact and environmental persistence of herbicides and pesticides, radiation and health, water pollution, and geomedicine. Many of these topics are of critical importance in the developing world.

GeoHealth  is an important field that has demonstrated Earth science’s contribution to positive health outcomes both for human and ecological health,” said Margaret Leinen, AGU President. “AGU looks forward to supporting the growth and recognition of geohealth as we partner with Wiley to provide a new platform for exploring, and ultimately encouraging, the collaborations between Earth scientists and health professionals.”

GeoHealth  will provide a collaborative home for disseminating and advancing interdisciplinary research that highlights issues at the intersection of the Earth and environmental sciences and health sciences, focusing on the following topics:

  • Environmental and occupational health
  • Outdoor and indoor air quality and pollution
  • Food safety and security
  • Water quality, water waste treatment and water availability
  • Toxic waste, environmental pollutants and remediation
  • Climate change in relation to human, agricultural, and environmental health and diseases
  • Soil health and services
  • Ecosystem health and services
  • Environmentally related epidemiology
  • Asbestos and other mining diseases and safety
  • Geoethics
  • National and international laws and policy, as well as remediation around GeoHealth issues

Why publish in GeoHealth?

  • Fast decision and publication times
  • Communication across interdisciplinary disciplines of environmental and health sciences
  • Quality peer review
  • Fully gold open access
  • Creative Commons license (authors retain copyright)
  • Published articles will be automatically deposited to PubMed to comply with NIH mandates
  • Public outreach support
  • Simplified submission process and easy reference capabilities
  • Initiatives that benefit authors
  • Dynamically linked and semantically enriched article format

GeoHealth  joins a prestigious portfolio of research publications that are governed by AGU’s rigorous peer review process. This includes the highly ranked Geophysical Research Letters  and Earth’s Future - an innovative publication that features trans-disciplinary research, editorials, and essays emphasizing the Earth as an interactive, evolving system under the influence of the human enterprise - which was successfully launched in late 2013.

The journal will publish articles under the Creative Commons Attribution License enabling authors to be fully compliant with open access requirements of funding organizations where applicable. The publication fee will be competitive with those of other broad open access journals. [Published articles will be automatically deposited to PubMed Central to comply with NIH mandates.]

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