Call for Papers

Call for Papers for "Resilient decision-making for a riskier world"

Submission Acceptance Begins: 01 May 2017
Submission Deadline: 01 December 2017

Special Section Proposer: Quentin Grafton (The Australian National University) 

This special collection will apply risk and decision analysis to address complex challenges across food, energy, environment, and water systems. The contributions will not only highlight methodological innovations, but also provide a series of applications at locations across the world to show how risk-based decision making can be implemented, even with limited resources, and what difference it can make in terms of outcomes.

The special collection seeks contributions from a wide range of scholars and practitioners from various disciplines (including but not limited to conservation science, ecology, mathematics, soil science, agronomy, economics, decision science, hydrology, geography, and political science), on a variety of applications (including but not limited to urban flood management, food security, ecosystem services, water security, climate change, deforestation, and biodiversity) and in multiple locations. The complex causes and consequences of these risks at critical system boundaries calls for approaches that transcend narrow disciplines. The special collection welcomes framing contributions, methodological innovations, and empirical applications in the context of risks in food, energy, environment, and water.

Manuscripts should be submitted through the GEMS website. Please direct any questions to

Call for Papers for “Avoiding Disasters: Strengthening Societal Resilience to Natural Hazards”

A theme issue on hazards in Earth’s Future

Submission acceptance begins: 01 November 2016

Many natural hazards result in devastating human disasters, highlighting our vulnerability to extreme events around the world. The prospects of predicted changes in the frequency, intensity, and spatial extent of climate extremes have alerted us to a future of our well-being in a warming world. Though the literature on natural hazards is rich and thriving, we need more in-depth research and inter-disciplinary collaboration to reduce the impacts of extreme events, build more resilient communities, and prevent natural hazards from escalating into disasters.

Earth’s Future invites contributions to the theme issue "Avoiding disasters: Strengthening societal resilience to natural hazards.”  We welcome conceptual, numerical, statistical and empirical approaches related to all natural and human-induced hazards such as droughts, floods, volcanos, tsunamis, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, and wildfires and from all areas of Earth sciences.

Specific areas include fundamental processes underlying extreme events; variability of extremes across scales; linkages between natural hazards and disaster science, modeling and predicting natural hazards; human and societal impacts of extremes; non-stationarity in a warming climate; trends and patterns in historical and paleo extremes; projected extremes and their uncertainty; innovative vulnerability assessment approaches; methods for building resilient societies; human and societal responses to current and future extremes; Impacts of extremes on infrastructures; community engagement and policy development; impacts of societal collaborations in hazard preparation; costs and consequences of inaction and action on addressing natural hazards in the context of a changing climate (or changing environments); and approaches and methods for linking risk and resilience. 

Manuscripts should be submitted through the GEMS website. For additional information please contact


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