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Cartogram maps provide new view of climate change risk

Olivia Trani

Blog— Scientists have developed cartograms — maps that convey information by contorting areas — to visualize the risks of climate change in a novel way. Cartograms are maps that change the relative size of areas according to certain characteristics of the region. For example, a cartogram that distorts.... more

Water World: Sea Level Rise, Coastal Floods and Storm Surges

Editors' Vox— The coastal land margin of the United States has seen numerous extreme events of historical proportions in just the first two decades of the 21st century. An incomplete list includes Hurricanes Charley and Ivan in 2004, Katrina, Rita, and Wilma in 2005, Ike (2008), Irene (2011) and Sandy.... more

Study: Major return on investment from improving climate observations

Blog— A well-designed climate observing system could help scientists answer knotty questions about climate while delivering trillions of dollars in benefits by providing decision makers information they need to protect public health and the economy in the coming decades, according to a new study published.... more

Human-caused warming increasing likelihood of record-breaking hot years

Press Release— A new study finds human-caused global warming is significantly increasing the rate at which hot temperature records are being broken around the world. Global annual temperature records show there were 17 record hot years from 1861 to 2005. The new study examines whether these temperature.... more

A review of the human impact on the nitrogen cycle

Editor's Highlight— This paper presents a synthesis of literature on the human alteration of the nitrogen cycle, bringing previous reviews up to date with the latest publications. The authors also make an interesting comparison between the human impacts on the carbon and nitrogen cycles, benefits to.... more

India’s Plans for Coal Clash with Paris Agreement

Sarah Witman, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— India’s proposed coal plants threaten to lock out its low-emission energy goals under the international climate accord.  Less than 2 years ago, officials from all 196 countries met in Paris, France, and agreed to limit their emissions—enough, collectively, to keep.... more

Projecting wave changes and coastal impacts of climate change

Editor’s Highlight—   This paper uses a statistical downscaling approach to project how waves may change in the twenty-first century under different climate change scenarios. This is an interesting approach and the results confirm the findings of other studies. Such replication of results using different.... more

How Can We Best Manage Shared Resources?

Sarah Witman, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Researchers develop a mathematical model to shed light on the social, economic, and ecological challenges of governing resources such as fisheries, forests, grazing lands, and the atmosphere.  In 1968, a biology professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara,.... more


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