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Increase in extreme sea levels could endanger European coastal communities

Joint Press Release, Washington D. C.—Massive coastal flooding in northern Europe that now occurs once every century could happen every year if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, according to a new study. New projections considering changes in sea level rise, tides, waves and storm surge over.... more

Study improves forecasts of summer Arctic sea ice

Blog—The Arctic has been losing sea ice over the past several decades as Earth warms. However, each year, as the sea ice starts to melt in the spring following its maximum wintertime extent, scientists still struggle to estimate exactly how much ice they expect will disappear through the melt season..... more

Global flood risk could increase five-fold with a 4-degree C temperature rise

Blog Post—A new report looks at flood risk and economic damages under different global warming scenarios with temperature increases of 1.5 degrees Celsius, 2 degrees Celsius and 4 degrees Celsius. It concludes that, if global temperatures rise by 4 degrees Celsius, the flood risk in countries representing.... more

Ice-free summers in Arctic Ocean could thwart Paris Agreement objectives

BLOG POST—A new study shows the current trend of melting sea ice in the Arctic Ocean could put at risk the objectives of the Paris Agreement to address climate change. The study’s authors conclude that, due to the future increase in the sea ice-albedo feedback, global carbon dioxide emission levels.... more

Study sheds new insights into global warming ‘hiatus’

Joint Press Release WASHINGTON, DC — A new study of the temporary slowdown in the global average surface temperature warming trend observed between 1998 and 2013 concludes the phenomenon represented a redistribution of energy within the Earth system, with Earth’s ocean absorbing the extra heat. The.... more

Here Comes the Anthropocene

Editors’ Vox— Two recent papers in Earth’s Future examine the meaning and formalization of an Anthropocene Epoch, a geological era in which humans have a major impact on surface processes and the environment. Steffen et al. [2016] take an Earth systems approach while Williams et al. [2016] focus on.... more

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