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Planting trees cannot replace cutting carbon dioxide emissions, study shows

Blog— Growing plants and then storing the carbon dioxide they have taken up from the atmosphere is not a viable option to counteract unmitigated emissions from fossil fuel burning, a new study shows.Plantations would need to be so large they would eliminate most natural ecosystems or reduce food production.... more

Hawaiian mountains could lose snow cover by 2100

Blog— Daydreams of the tropical paradise of Hawaiʻi rarely include snow in the imagery, but nearly every year, a beautiful white blanket covers the highest peaks in the state for at least a few days. However, systematic observations of snowfall and the snow cover dimensions on Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa.... more

India’s coal plant plans conflict with climate commitments

Press Release— India will not be able to meet its Paris climate agreement commitments in the coming years if it carries through with plans to build nearly 370 coal-fired power plants, a new study finds. “India is facing a dilemma of its own making,” said Steve Davis, associate professor of Earth system.... more

A Framework for Decisions on Science and Policy

Brendan Bane, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Human reasoning has helped us become one of the most successful species to populate the planet, but we still struggle with cognitive biases Although fast and intuitive thinking helped our ancestors survive and spread beyond Africa’s savannas, it frequently yields.... more

Increase in extreme sea levels could endanger European coastal communities

Joint Press Release, Washington D. C.—Massive coastal flooding in northern Europe that now occurs once every century could happen every year if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, according to a new study. New projections considering changes in sea level rise, tides, waves and storm surge over.... more

Study improves forecasts of summer Arctic sea ice

Blog—The Arctic has been losing sea ice over the past several decades as Earth warms. However, each year, as the sea ice starts to melt in the spring following its maximum wintertime extent, scientists still struggle to estimate exactly how much ice they expect will disappear through the melt season..... more

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