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Opportunities for hydrologic research in the Congo Basin

Douglas Alsdorf

From Editors’ Vox    Promoting the Universal Language of Science: Translating Congo Research   What do we really know about the Congo? Most of what we know is rooted in historic accounts and news blurbs, which are often rather negative. Hydrologic science is also ignorant: There is an order.... more

The Quest to Understand Reversals in Earth’s Magnetic Field

Terri Cook, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— A review of the major features of the geomagnetic reversals preserved in Earth’s rock record helps to answer the question: Which data could advance our understanding of these poorly described events? Evidence of frequent reversals in the direction of Earth’s magnetic.... more

Characterizing Interglacial Periods Over the Past 800,000 Years

From Research Spotlight—Researchers identified 11 different interglacial periods over the past 800,000 years, but the interglacial period we are experiencing now may last an exceptionally long time.Global climate patterns have undergone a remarkable shift in the last 600,000 to 1.2 million.... more

A Decade of Progress in Stratospheric Aerosol Research

From Research Spotlights— Researchers create a new model of the electric currents circulating throughout the atmosphere that will improve the accuracy of global climate models. Tiny particles suspended in the atmosphere, known as aerosols, are typically found in a distinct layer in the lower.... more

Tidal River Dynamics

Mark Moldwin, Editor-in-Chief

From Editors’ Vox— Tidal rivers are a vital and little studied nexus between physical oceanography and hydrology—an interview with a lead author from a recent Reviews of Geophysics article. It is only in the last few decades that substantial research efforts have been focused on the interactions.... more

Recent Studies Crack Open New Views of Glacial Crevasses

From Research Spotlights— Scientists review 60 years of direct and remote observations of crevasses and the models used to simulate them.  Crevasses—cracks caused by stresses due to ice movement—score the surface of nearly every glacier on Earth. Although crevasses can span just a few millimeters.... more

At the Intersection of Ice and Water

Kate Wheeling, Freelance Writer

Glaciers around the globe are shrinking, and they’re disappearing fastest at glacial fronts—locations where the ice meets water. Over the last 20 years, roughly half of the ice loss from Greenland’s ice sheet has occurred at glacial fronts. In order to predict how the world’s glaciers will respond as.... more