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The Earth’s Elastic Crust

Editors' Vox— The structural properties of rock on a micro scale, such as crystallographic orientation, grain shape and mineral composition, can have an impact on the macro scale, for example, the ways in which rock deforms under stress, at elevated pressure and temperature. A review article recently.... more

Warm Waters in West Antarctica

John Turner and Hilmar Gudmunson

Editors' Vox— The vast Antarctic ice sheet contains about 30 million cubic kilometers of ice, which is 90% of the Earth’s freshwater ice. If it were all to melt, it would increase sea level by about 70 meters. Fortunately, surface temperatures across most of the continent stay well below freezing all.... more

Tracing Water Through the Critical Zone

Matthias Sprenger and Markus Weiler

Editors' Vox— The “critical zone”, the Earth’s surface and near-surface environment comprising air, living organisms, water, soil and rock, is now widely recognized in an integrated, holistic way. Researchers from across disciplines are studying the complex interactions between different elements..... more

The Challenges Posed by Induced Seismicity

Francesco Grigoli and Stefan Wiemer

Editors' Vox— Among the many impacts of anthropogenic activity on the Earth, one that has caused particular public disquiet in recent years is “induced seismicity”, that is minor earthquakes and tremors caused by industrial processes. A review article recently published in Reviews of Geophysics examined.... more

Could Subsea Methane Hydrates Be a Warming “Tipping Point”?

Alan Robock

Editors' Vox— One of the fears from global warming is the potential for “tipping points” that will vastly exaggerate the warming, and one of most discussed is increased methane emissions from high latitudes. Methane is a potent greenhouse gas, and large increases in its concentration would certainly.... more

Seeing Soil Moisture from the Sky

Jian Peng

Editors' Vox— It’s a hidden part of the hydrological cycle but moisture in the soil plays an important role in many processes and influences the climate. Soil moisture can be measured by instruments in the field or by remote sensing techniques. A recent review article in Reviews of Geophysics discussed.... more

Opportunities for hydrologic research in the Congo Basin

Douglas Alsdorf

From Editors’ Vox    Promoting the Universal Language of Science: Translating Congo Research   What do we really know about the Congo? Most of what we know is rooted in historic accounts and news blurbs, which are often rather negative. Hydrologic science is also ignorant: There is an order.... more

The Quest to Understand Reversals in Earth’s Magnetic Field

Terri Cook, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— A review of the major features of the geomagnetic reversals preserved in Earth’s rock record helps to answer the question: Which data could advance our understanding of these poorly described events? Evidence of frequent reversals in the direction of Earth’s magnetic.... more