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Mapping fluids to subduction megathrust locking and slip behavior

Commentary in Geophysical Research Letters In subduction zones, high fluid content and pore pressure are thought to promote aseismic creep, whereas well-drained conditions are thought to promote locking and failure in earthquakes. However, observations directly linking fluid content and seismic coupling.... more

Human activity may have caused decline in Pacific tropical cyclones

Editor’s Highlight—   Tropical cyclones have a very real and immediate impact. Understanding the drivers of tropical cyclone changes therefore has wide societal relevance. This paper suggests that the observed decline in tropical cyclones over the last few decades in the southeastern part of the western.... more

Large dataset enables more precise prediction of tropical cyclone behavior

Editor’s Highlight—   Projecting the intensity of tropical cyclones in the future is very uncertain as there are many controlling factors over different ocean basins that lead to the development of large storms. This study analyzes documents the analysis of a very large ensemble of simulations – in.... more

Improve the ability to parameterize the air/sea gas transfer velocity of CO2

Editor’s Highlight—   Parameterizations of gas transfer velocity remain hotly debated. This paper will not close the debate but may be a very significant milestone. The authors deserve credit for the first in-depth analysis of in-situ gas transfer velocities, comparing the performance of competing “wind”.... more

Explanations for a connection between the troposphere and lower thermosphere

Editor’s Highlight—   This paper reports a novel observation of the atomic sodium layer in the mesosphere (the earth’s upper atmosphere) that is significantly enhanced about 18 hours after a lightning stroke within a radius of about 100 kilometers. This is the first time that such an observation has.... more

Causes of unexpected temperature gradients in ice sheets

Editor’s Highlight—   The paper presents some interesting findings regarding vertical temperature gradients in boreholes from Greenland. Results suggest that ice flow is highly variable over sub-ice-thickness length scales, which in turn generates contrasts in ice viscosity that may impact ice deformation.... more

Researchers identify ‘substantial’ amount of Mercury’s water ice

Press Release— Mercury may have more exposed water ice held in cold traps than previously thought, a new study finds. Researchers have identified three new craters and four small-scale cold traps on Mercury filled with surface ice and suspect the planet may harbor many smaller patches of exposed ice.... more

Early volcanic activity may have caused bumps to erupt across lunar plains

Scientists have discovered a new feature on the surface of the Moon: small mounds that grew on its dark plains, likely from volcanic activity. Researchers at Macau University and colleagues accidentally discovered these mounds while examining high-resolution images of the Moon’s dark patches, called.... more

New perspective on sea level dynamics along east coast of America

Editor’s Highlight—   This paper addresses the spatial and temporal variability of coastal sea level rise along the eastern American coast, a region that has been known for exceptional sea level rise rates and accordingly received some attention. The authors investigate the causes of so-called sea.... more

California Floods Linked to Atmospheric Water Vapor “Rivers”

Sarah Stanley, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Narrow atmospheric streams of water vapor that deliver heavy rains are more commonly associated with floods and debris flows in northern California than with flash floods in southern California.  Around the world, huge streams of water vapor known as atmospheric rivers.... more


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Early Results: Juno at Jupiter 

Early results from Juno's mission at Jupiter including approach to Jupiter and the first perijove pass (PJ1). Juno's scientific objectives include the study of Jupiter's interior, atmosphere and polar magnetosphere with the goal of understanding Jupiter's origin, formation and evolution. This collection of papers provides early results from Juno's measurements of the gravity and magnetic fields, deep atmospheric microwave sounding, infrared, visible and ultraviolet images/spectra and an array of fields and particles instruments as well as context for the early results with respect to current theory and models of Jupiter's formation and evolution. Topics include both Juno - Jupiter related theoretical models and data analysis as well as collaborative observations made from Earth based assets.