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Managing Radio Traffic Jams with the Cloud

Emily Underwood, Freelance Writer

Research Spotlight— Sensor networks and data mining allow for fully automated, real-time monitoring of radio waves. Soon after the first radio communications were invented in the late 19th century, a problem arose. The growing number of broadcasters started encountering massive interference from others.... more

Controlling Pulsed EM Scattering of a One-Port Receiving Antenna

Editors' Highlight—   This paper discusses a topic of real interest for the antenna community. The author examines some features in the time-domain that were previously only investigated in the frequency-domain. This approach concurs with present tendencies towards pulsed data transfer that is fittingly.... more

Mystery of the Ionosphere’s “Gyro Line” Solved

Mark Zastrow, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— A new study provides an updated hypothesis to describe a unique radar signature from plasma waves high above Earth, correcting errors that had stood for decades. For decades, space physicists have used radio telescopes like Arecibo in Puerto Rico and Jicamarca in.... more

An advanced spectral monitoring system

Editor’s Highlight—   This paper describes an advanced spectral monitoring system that is based on a high dynamic range A to D converter and a system of spectral equalization placed before the convertor. The system is designed for spectral monitoring the frequency range 5-35MHz, a range of frequencies.... more

Tracking Meteor Trails to Study the Mesosphere

Emily Underwood, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Twelve years of radar data reveal new phenomena in Earth’s upper atmosphere.  The mesosphere is one of the most mysterious layers of our planet’s atmosphere. Hovering between 50 and 85 kilometers above Earth, it is too high for aircraft to reach and too low for satellites.... more

A design for perfect surface wave cloaks

Editor’s Highlight—   This paper presents the modeling and design of a cloaking device for surface modes supported by a grounded dielectric slab. The idea of dielectric surface wave cloak from engineered gradient index materials is very interesting. more

How abnormal ionospheric activities affect aircraft navigation

Editor’s Highlight—   Abnormal ionospheric activities have been shown to be a potential threat to the L1-single frequency Global Navigation Satellite System – essential for functions such as aircraft navigation – even with augmentation systems such as the Ground-Based Augmentation Systems that support.... more

New approach to improve prediction of incoming high frequency signal angles

Editor’s Highlight—   This collaborative investigation presents findings that will improve high frequency (HF) geolocation with potential for major practical impact. The paper demonstrates full HF ionospheric electron density data assimilation using an ensemble of physics-based ionospheric model realizations.... more

New insights into the promising millimeter wave band

Editor’s Highlight—   Using data from multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) measurements performed in a laboratory, this paper presents an analysis of several fast-fading distributions (Rayleigh, Rice, Nakagami-m, Weibull and a-µ) at the 94 GHz band. Experimental data at this frequency is not easy to.... more