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Sensing of Land Mines

1 February 2005
In this special issue we primarily focus on sensing of land mines, although the closely related problem of UXO sensing is also considered.

Remote Sensing of the Earth's Environment by Microwave Radiometers and Radar

1 October 2005
E. Westwater
This special section, which grew out of the Specialist Meeting on Microwave Remote Sensing'01 that was held in Boulder, Colorado, in 2001, includes 42 papers that illustrated state-of-the-art international remote sensing techniques and applications using microwave radar and radiometry from space-, airborne-, and surface-based platforms. Topics discussed were radiometric and radar polarimetry; radar and radiometric calibration; advanced instrument techniques; satellite remote sensing of the land surface and vegetation; ground-based remote sensing of the atmosphere and ocean; satellite; radiometric/radar modeling of scattering emission, and radiative transfer, and special campaigns and field experiments.

Propagation and Remote Sensing: Proceedings From the 12th URSI Commission-F Triennial Open Symposium, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany

1 March 2014
The special section will consist of contributions from authors who presented at the 12th URSI Commission-F Triennial conference held in \nGarmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, 2011. The topics covered at the conference include radiowave propagation and remote sensing. At the conference, more than 80 papers were presented. The main topics under the theme of propagation include:\n \n-indoor propagation, mobile propagation, random-media propagation, and propagation effects in sensor applications.\n\nSimilarly, under the theme of remote sensing, the topics dealt with include:\n\n-synthetic aperture radar application, weather radar applications, polarimetric methods for analyzing remote sensing radar data, satellite remote sensing, and radiometry.\n \nThe papers presented reflect the state-of-the-art activities currently defining the center stage of remote sensing and propagation research. The papers expected to appear in the proposed special section will dwell on these state-of-the-art developments.\r

URSI Symposium on Radiowave Propagation and Remote Sensing, 2013

1 December 2014