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Mitigation of Radio Frequency Interference in Radio Astronomy

1 April 2008
This special section of Radio Science is presented with the goal of facilitating and inspiring further research in this emerging area of interest. A follow-up workshop is tentatively planned for the summer of 2006.

Low-Frequency Arrays and the Ionosphere

1 December 2012
This special section captures recent activities surrounding low-frequency radio astronomy arrays and ionospheric research as presented in joint Commission GJ sessions at the 2010 and 2011 National Radio Science Meetings in Boulder, Colorado, and in the upcoming session at the Ionospheric Effects Symposium in Alexandria, Virginia. For radio astronomers, topics include a description of astronomical arrays and their use for ionospheric studies, explorations of how the ionosphere affects the calibration of low-frequency radio astronomy arrays, and investigations into how the ionosphere affects radio imaging and how the resources available in ionospheric research are being applied to improve these images. Separately, for ionospheric scientists, topics include how these arrays can be used to make measurements of scintillation and traveling ionospheric disturbances and to monitor the development of ionospheric irregularities with high precision. Papers describing the measurements of Faraday rotation using beacon satellites and a discussion of why this is important to radio astronomy are also included. The remainder of the section is devoted to papers describing current joint research initiatives and trends.