Ionospheric Propagation

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Beacon Satellite Symposium 2013

1 January 2015

This special issue associated with the 2013 Beacon Satellite Symposium focuses on the ionospheric effects on radio propagation, especially for all aspects of satellite signals observed on the ground and by receivers on-board satellites, and in particular Ionospheric Electron Content and Scintillation effects. This collection includes papers on recent studies and techniques on ionospheric tomography, occultation techniques, assimilation models, distributed arrays of ionospheric measurements, space weather activities and satellite based navigation and communication systems, among others.

Ionospheric Effects Symposium, 1999

1 September 2001
The special section of Radio Science associated with the 2011 Ionospheric Effects Symposium (IES) will be focused on the ionospheric effects on radio propagation, including total electron content and scintillation effects, together with HF, VHF, and UHF propagation effects more generally. This will continue the long and successful special section series associated with IES.