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Ionospheric Effects Symposium 2015

22 July 2016
The Ionospheric Effects Symposium aims to bridge the gap between applications and research involving ionospheric and space weather disciplines. Papers presented at the 2015 Symposium cover a broad spectrum of research ranging from dedicated work on long-term scientific challenges to exciting new inquiries driven by the development and application of emerging technologies impacted by ionospheric effects. Papers in this issue present new results in ionospheric phenomena that impact systems including observations, theory, and modeling. Papers address scientific aspects of specific processes and focus on complex impacts to technologies.

Recent Advances in Studies of Schumann Resonances on Earth and Other Planets of the Solar System

1 February 2008
This special section of Radio Science presents a broad collection of papers reflecting the most recent advances in experimental studies of variability of Schumann resonances in the Earth-ionosphere cavity, Schumann resonances on other planets of the solar system, and models and theory of Schumann resonances and their correlations with lightning, sprites, and Q bursts.