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How Does Wind Push Water?

Emily Underwood, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— A new 3-D model shows how wind affects hydrodynamic mixing in a northern Italian lake.  When wind blows across a lake’s surface, it pushes the water downwind, inducing periodic currents below the surface (called “internal waves”), which are characterized by vertical.... more

Shedding Light on Intermittent Rainfall

Sarah Witman, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Study provides a new modeling method to simulate rain when it pours, and when it doesn’t.  As the old adage goes, when it rains, it pours. To speak less metaphorically, however, sometimes it pours, then stops for a while, then sprinkles, then pours again.  Rainfall.... more

Urban responses to restrictive conservation policy during drought

Editor’s Highlight—   This study examines the efficacy of urban water conservation efforts in California where some, but not all, urban water districts succeeded in meeting their targets. The authors show that different variables contributed to successful reductions in water use including local biophysical.... more

LA lawns lose 70 billion gallons of water a year

Blog— In summer 2010, Los Angeles was losing about 100 gallons of water per person per day to the atmosphere through the evaporation and plant uptake of lawns and trees, new research finds. Lawns accounted for 70 percent of the water loss, while trees accounted for 30 percent, according to a new study.... more