Water Resources Management

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Engagement, Communication, and Decision-Making Under Uncertainty

This special section highlights why and in what circumstances uncertainty matters, and how science and research-oriented hydrologists can help identify and provide germane information and support required by decision-makers. Modern hydrologic literature contains a large number of technical approaches to estimating and managing uncertainty, but relatively few insights into how these estimates relate to one another, how they are best used to solve practical problems, and about how the needs of decision making processes can be used to drive the tradeoffs that are inherent in any technical exercise in uncertainty analysis or accounting.

Water Resources in the Murray-Darling Basin: Past, Present, and Future

1 December 2011
The Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) (~1 million km2) occupies nearly all of mainland southeast Australia except for a small sliver along the coastal fringe. Around 10% of the Australian population (~2 million people) live within the basin, and MDB farms produce around 40% of the Australian agricultural output.

Water Resources Systems Symposium

1 June 1972
The Research Committee on Water Resources Systems is the youngest in the family of committees of the Section on Hydrology. Since its organization in 1966, the committee has set itself not only the goal of furthering research in the analysis of water resources systems, but of bringing together researchers and practitioners in a meaningful exchange of ideas.

Water Resources Issues and Problems in Developing Countries

1 July 1993
The focus of this special section are the problems and issues regarding water development in developing countries. A significant number of the populations in developing countries do not have access to satisfactory water supplies. This problem is especially acute in the rural areas.

Risk and Uncertainty in Water Resources Management

1 February 1982
We have, due to some excellent research and writing and fortunate timing, an extremely interesting collection of seven papers, grouped under the title of 'Risk and Uncertainty in Water Resources Management.

Problems and Issues in the Validity of Benefit Transfer Methodologies

1 March 1992
The focus of this special section is the conceptual and empirical issues regarding benefit transfer applications. A benefit transfer is the application of monetary values obtained from a particular nonmarket goods analysis to an alternative or secondary policy decision setting. The papers address the ongoing development of the procedures for benefit transfers through a case study approach.

On Valuing Water-Based Recreation

1 May 1987
The focus of this special section is the conceptual and empirical issues associated with the development of water-based recreation benefit estimation methodologies. The papers address two themes in the ongoing development of modeling the demand for outdoor recreation.

Impacts of Land Use Change on Water Resources

1 November 2009
Changes in land use have potentially large impacts on water resources, yet quantifying these impacts remains among the more challenging problems in hydrology. Water, food, energy, and climate are linked through complex webs of direct and indirect effects and feedbacks.

Water Crisis in Irrigated Agriculture: How to Produce More With Less

1 July 2008
Forty percent of freshwater withdrawals in the United States are for irrigated agriculture, which contribute more than $50 billion to the economy. Increasing diversions of water for urban, environmental, and other uses will likely decrease water available to agriculture. Water conservation in agriculture is touted as a good method for minimizing the impact of reduced agricultural diversions on production.

Investigation of Mesoscale Precipitation Fields

1 August 1985
As a follow-up to the recommendations made in that article, the committee organized a 1-day session entitled "Investigations on Mesoscale Precipitation Fields" at the Spring meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio, May 1984. The formal papers from six presentations at that session follow.