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Toward Sustainable Groundwater in Agriculture

1 June 2012
T. Harter
This special issue defines and highlights the science, challenges, and potential policy solutions in agricultural groundwater resources management and groundwater quality protection at regional, national, and global scales. Groundwater is the lifeline for many rural and agricultural regions and their associated cultures and populations around the globe, and a cornerstone of global food production. Groundwater constitutes nearly half of the world's drinking water and much of the world's irrigation water supply. Population growth, overexploitation, salinization, nonpoint source pollution from agricultural activities (including animal farming, ranching, and forestry activities), impacts to surface water, and groundwater quality and quantity conflicts at the urban-rural interface have reached global dimensions and affect health and livelihoods around the planet.

Water Resources in the Murray-Darling Basin: Past, Present, and Future

1 December 2011
The Murray-Darling Basin (MDB) (~1 million km2) occupies nearly all of mainland southeast Australia except for a small sliver along the coastal fringe. Around 10% of the Australian population (~2 million people) live within the basin, and MDB farms produce around 40% of the Australian agricultural output.

Water Resources Issues and Problems in Developing Countries

1 July 1993
The focus of this special section are the problems and issues regarding water development in developing countries. A significant number of the populations in developing countries do not have access to satisfactory water supplies. This problem is especially acute in the rural areas.

Trends and Directions in Hydrology

1 August 1986
While the papers contained in the current volume do not have as extensive a subject base as those in the earlier work, they do address many important topics in hydrology.

Water Resources Systems Symposium

1 June 1972
The Research Committee on Water Resources Systems is the youngest in the family of committees of the Section on Hydrology. Since its organization in 1966, the committee has set itself not only the goal of furthering research in the analysis of water resources systems, but of bringing together researchers and practitioners in a meaningful exchange of ideas.

Uncertainty Assessment in Surface and Subsurface Hydrology

1 December 2009
A. Montanari, C. Shoemaker, N. van de Giesen
Uncertainty estimation in hydrological surface and subsurface modeling is receiving increasing attention from researchers and practitioners. In fact, the scientific literature has recently proposed numerous contributions about this issue. Uncertainty assessment is also one of the main goals of the Prediction in Ungauged Basins (PUB) initiative promoted by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences. This intense scientific activity about uncertainty analysis has resulted in many different philosophies and approaches for quantifying the reliability of hydrological models. The transfer of know-how about uncertainty assessment among scientists and from scientists to end-users is still difficult, notwithstanding the extensive research activity mentioned above. Many researchers agree that one of the reasons preventing efficient communication about uncertainty assessment in hydrology is the lack of a coherent terminology and a systematic approach, which would allow us to classify in a clear way the practical problems to solve and, consequently, the methods that can be used. Even the term \u00E2\u0080\u009Cuncertainty\u00E2\u0080\u009D itself is sometimes used without referring to a precise scientific definition of its meaning. This special section of Water Resources Research serves as a reference for anyone dealing with uncertainty in hydrology. The set of articles presented here shows that there is a clear need for exchange of opinions about fundamental concepts, main achievements gained in the past, and future avenues of research. The articles all present recent research and bring together perspectives from groundwater modelers and surface water hydrologists. Different sources of uncertainty are recognized and tools have been developed to describe and quantify each source, or to control and reduce uncertainty. As can be expected, there is not yet a single framework that covers all methods. Still, this special section provides the reader with a very good starting point to obtain a relatively complete overview of the different approaches that exist in the hydrological community today.

Water Crisis in Irrigated Agriculture: How to Produce More With Less

1 July 2008
Forty percent of freshwater withdrawals in the United States are for irrigated agriculture, which contribute more than $50 billion to the economy. Increasing diversions of water for urban, environmental, and other uses will likely decrease water available to agriculture. Water conservation in agriculture is touted as a good method for minimizing the impact of reduced agricultural diversions on production.

The Contemporary Setting for Water Management in the West

1 November 1985

This special issue is intended to serve several purposes: to inform, to provoke, and to invite. Thus many readers may find new and informative Tarlock's [this issue] overview of the evolution of groundwater law from English Common Law to laws based on notions of reasonable use and sharing; of particular importance is the readers appreciation of the changes and uncertainties in water law associated with the 1982 decision in Sporhase and in the later El Paso case.

Water Markets and Banking: Institutional Evolution and Empirical Perspectives

1 September 2004
This special section on Water Markets and Banking: Institutional Evolution and Empirical Perspectives presents various economic approaches and legal and institutional discussions to better understand the issues surrounding the allocation of water. The interest in water markets and water banking stems from the growing recognition that demand for water is outstripping its availability worldwide.

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