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Eco-hydrology of Semiarid Environments: Confronting Mathematical Models with Ecosystem Complexity

1 January 2015

This collection of papers brings together studies on eco-hydrology of semi-arid environments. Specific topics include rainfall regime, infiltration and preferential flow, evaporation and evapotranspiration, annual net primary production, dispersal and invasion, and vegetation greening. The findings show that innovative mathematical modeling approaches can represent actual field measurements, and mathematical models can contribute to greater understanding of ecosystem complexity through characterization of space-time dynamics of biomass and water storage as well as their multiscale interactions.

Patterns in Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere Systems: Monitoring, Modelling and Data Assimilation

1 November 2014

This special issue includes papers on patterns in soil-vegetation-atmosphere systems including integrated subsurface-land surface-atmosphere system from the micro to the meso-scale. Papers deal with the application of novel experimental and theoretical approaches to characterize patterns and structures of the pore space, physiochemical properties, vegetation and soil cover, surface subsurface hydrologic processes, and processes of the atmospheric boundary layer influencing interactions in the mass/momentum/energy fluxes.

Hydroepidemiology: A pathway to link hydrology and climate with human health

1 December 2014

The papers in this special issue deal with the boundaries of hydroclimate and water-related public health domains, which address how hydrology can help understand and predict disease outbreak. Topics include hydrologic understanding of disease such as cholera, Schistosomiasis, malaria, west Nile virus, yellow fever, Chagas’ disease and dengue.

Climate, Hydrology and Water Resources of Eastern Africa

1 November 2014

Oceanic Sources of Continental Precipitation

1 June 2014
The main topic of the special section is the oceanic sources of continental precipitation. Subtopics to be included (but not rigorously limited to them) are: (1) global distribution of water vapor: evaporation and precipitation evaporation hot spots anomalies of moisture transport linked to drought periods; (5) low-level jets warm pools monsoons and their role in the transport of moisture; (6) the identification and characteristics of moisture sources within the scope of paleoclimatic studies; and (7) implications of climate change: changes in water vapor changes in large-scale circulation related to moisture transport, changes in precipitation, aridity and soil moisture.

Precipitation Measurement Symposium

1 February 1972
The precipitation committee organized a symposium given at the AGU National Fall Meeting in December 1969