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When Lower-Atmosphere Waves Invade the Upper Atmosphere

Leah Crane, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights—A review of the literature shows that weather nearer the Earth's surface could produce up to 35% of the ionosphere's variability.  Earth’s upper atmosphere is highly variable: It changes over a broad range of physical scales and timescales because of an even broader.... more

New research on the ionosphere, our interface to space

Press conference from AGU Fall Meeting 2016 by Bob Robinson, Delores Knipp, and Scott England— Where Earth's atmosphere ends and space begins is not clear-cut. We are, in fact, surrounded by a swath that is a bit of both. This area, the ionosphere, is where radio waves and satellite signals, like GPS,.... more

Rapid prediction of electric fields associated with geomagnetically induced currents in the presence of three-dimensional ground structure: Projection of remote magnetic observatory data through magnetotelluric impedance tensors

Editors’ Highlight—This paper has the potential to drive a major improvement in how we estimate geo-electric fields produced by space weather and hence the geomagnetically induced currents that can disturb smooth operations of power grids, rail systems and pipelines. It does this by demonstrating a.... more

GPS data release to boost space-weather science

Joint Press Release—Today, more than 16 years of space-weather data is publicly available for the first time in history. The data comes from space-weather sensors on board the nation’s Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. The newly available data gives researchers a treasure trove of measurements.... more

Modeling geomagnetically induced currents

Editors’ Highlight— This paper provides an excellent overview on how geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) are induced in power lines. This is the headline risk from space weather. In particular, the work helps clarify two issues for which there is often confusion: (i) that the relevant loop for magnetic.... more

Extreme geomagnetic storms: Probabilistic forecasts and their uncertainties

Editors’ Highlight— This paper address the probability of extreme space weather events. Modeling the distribution of events as either a power-law or log-normal distribution, the authors derive statistical estimates and uncertainties for the occurrence-rate of an extreme geomagnetic storm on the scale.... more Earth & Space Science News

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