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Fingerprinting the Source of Fore-Arc Fluids

Terri Cook, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights—A new model tracks boron and other tracers in fluids expelled from subducting slabs to help identify the fluids’ source regions and migration routes. Where one of Earth’s tectonic plates overrides another at a subduction zone, compaction and dehydration of sediments.... more

Deep Drilling Reveals Puzzling History of Campi Fegrei Caldera

Alexandra Branscombe, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Results show that caldera collapse attributed to a super eruption almost 40,000 years ago was smaller than what scientists expected. So what might have really happened? At least  10% of the global population lives within 100 kilometers of a historically active volcano..... more

Cenozoic Epeirogeny of the Indian Peninsula

Editors’ Highlight This research combines several different geophysical approaches, and tests models against previous observations. It represents a step-change to a quantified approach to understanding the development of the broader topographic elements of peninsular India. Further, variation in mantle.... more

Seismological Models Are Biased, But Scientists Have a Solution

Shannon Hall, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Many seismic wave models are based on an erroneous assumption about the Earth's interior. A new technique corrects this by eliminating false signals produced by models. By studying seismic waves, scientists can essentially peel back the thin layer of the Earth's crust.... more

Mantle control of the geodynamo: consequences of top-down regulation

Editors’ Highlight— This manuscript comprehensively reviews recent evidence for mantle-core interactions for the geodynamo and highlights the possibility for significant deviations from the geocentric axial dipole hypothesis, suggesting a reexamination of some of the tenets of plate reconstructions.... more Earth & Space Science News

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