Aims and Scope

Earth and Space Science (ESS) is an open access journal publishing high-quality original research papers spanning all of the Earth, planetary, and space sciences, including related fields in environmental science, geo- and space-engineering, and biogeochemistry. ESS particularly welcomes papers presenting and interpreting key data sets and observations that are critical, singularly or in aggregate, for a broader scientific understanding of the Earth and its environment, as well as our solar system and beyond, or papers that add to the understanding of such observations (e.g., methodology, theory, mapping, and modeling). In particular, ESS is seeking papers that highlight methods, instruments, sensors, data and algorithms that contribute to the Earth and Space sciences. The papers must highlight the application of these methods to specific data.  Author Publishing Charges for Open Access are $1800 for Research Papers and $900 for Technical Reports on Data or Methods.

The main paper types are:

              Research Article

             Research articles present results, analysis, and discussion of scientific topics across any research area within the Earth and space sciences. They are expected to present new theories, observations, and concepts along with their applications. Although there is no limitation of space, to encourage clarity, and conciseness of presentation excess length fees are charged for manuscripts longer than 25 publication units. These manuscripts are handled by the editorial staff of the journal and are typically sent to multiple reviewers. The Author Publication Charge (APC) for Open Access is $1800.

              Technical Reports: Data

              Technical Reports: Data papers describe important Earth and space science data sets and observations, including those that support innovative research and theoretical developments published elsewhere. The papers should provide an example of a relevant scientific application to demonstrate the usefulness of the data. The data set may refer to experimental studies, lab measurements, modeling output, or observations. These papers should not exceed 13 Publication units.  The APC is $900

              Technical Reports: Methods

             Technical Reports: Methods papers describe new analytical or experimental methods and other technical advances, including computer programs and instrumentation, that enable new science. These papers should not exceed 13 Publication Units and will typically include at least one illustrative example application. The Author Publication Charge (APC) is $900