2017 – Volume 44

  1. Pages 9113–9520
  2. Pages 8673–9111
  3. Pages 8095–8671
  4. Pages 7555–8093
  5. Pages 7095–7554
  6. Pages 6471–7094
  7. Pages 5873–6470
  8. Pages 5247–5871
  9. Pages 4377–5245
  10. Pages 3951–4375
  11. Pages 3429–3949
  12. Pages 2967–3428
  13. Pages 2615–2966
  14. Pages 2045–2613
  15. Pages 1611–2043
  16. Pages 1193–1609
  17. Pages 605–1191
  18. Pages 1–603


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Early Results: Juno at Jupiter 

Early results from Juno's mission at Jupiter including approach to Jupiter and the first perijove pass (PJ1). Juno's scientific objectives include the study of Jupiter's interior, atmosphere and polar magnetosphere with the goal of understanding Jupiter's origin, formation and evolution. This collection of papers provides early results from Juno's measurements of the gravity and magnetic fields, deep atmospheric microwave sounding, infrared, visible and ultraviolet images/spectra and an array of fields and particles instruments as well as context for the early results with respect to current theory and models of Jupiter's formation and evolution. Topics include both Juno - Jupiter related theoretical models and data analysis as well as collaborative observations made from Earth based assets.