Call for Papers

Call for Papers for "Atmospheric Gravity Wave Science in the Polar Regions and First Results from ANGWIN"

Submission acceptance begins: 17 October 2016
Submission deadline: 28 April 2017

Special section organizers:
Tracy Moffat-Griffin, British Anarctic Survey

Manuscripts are invited for a special section that focuses on the theory, modelling and observations of gravity wave activity in the Polar Regions at any altitude in the Earth’s atmosphere.

The importance of gravity waves in the Polar Regions and their effect on global circulation is well known.  However, models can struggle to represent their effects correctly, especially related to the Polar Vortex duration. There is also a lack of comprehensive observations in this region, especially over Antarctica. Gravity waves, and their different sources, over the Polar Regions need to be studied continent wide and through all levels of the atmosphere in order to fully understand their impact on both the global and local circulation and correctly represent their effects in models.

The ANtarctic Gravity Wave Instrument Network (ANGWIN) is a highly successful "grass roots" program initiated in 2011 that utilizes a network of instrumentation at several international research stations around Antarctica. The 3rd ANGWIN science workshop (April 2016) showed that excellent results are being produced as a result of this collaborative approach.  These results will also be presented in this special issue.

Manuscripts should be submitted through the GEMS website. For additional information please contact:

Call for Papers for “Observations, Simulations and Theory of Electric Currents in the Solar System”

Please note the deadline has been extended from 15 February to 15 May 2017. 

Submission acceptance begins: 24 June 2016
Submission deadline extended to: 15 May 2017

Special section organizers:
Andreas Keiling, UC Berkeley 
Octav Marghitu, Institute of Space Science, Bucharest 
Michael Wheatland, University of Sydney

Electric currents are fundamental to the structure and dynamics of space plasmas. New developments in observations, simulations and theory make it timely to collect new research studies on electric currents. Hence, this special issue of JGR-Space Physics solicits research papers on electric currents in the ionospheres and magnetospheres of the Earth and other planets, in the heliosphere, and on the Sun. Studies are welcome addressing not only current system structure and dynamics but also the impacts and ramifications on the local space environment. Many of the collected papers will be based on presentations and discussions at a recent AGU Chapman conference held in Dubrovnik, Croatia, in May 2016. Papers relevant to the scope but not presented at the conference are also solicited.

Manuscripts should be submitted through the GEMS website.  For additional information please contact:

Call for Papers for "Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission results throughout the first primary mission phase"

Submission acceptance begins: December 1st, 2016
Submission deadline: April 15, 2017        

Special section organizers:
Matthew R. Argall
Frederick D. Wilder
Shan Wang
Daniel J. Gershman

The Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission was launched March 15, 2015 with the goal of studying the microphysics of magnetic reconnection. During its second day-side pass, the inter-spacecraft separation was reduced to as little as 7km, or 2-3 electron skin depths at the magnetopause, allowing electron-scale physics to be spatially resolved and investigated. The unprecedented temporal resolution of the fields and particle instrument suites has advanced our understanding of dynamical processes from the bowshock, through the magnetosheath, across the magnetopause and into the inner magnetosphere and magnetotail. This special issue expands upon discoveries made during the first day-side and tail passes, and provides in-depth reports of new findings from the second day-side pass. 

Manuscripts should be submitted through the GEMS website. For additional information please contact: