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Energetic electron loss and its impacts on the atmosphere

Last updated:
7 February 2018

Organizers: Robyn Millan, Pekka Verronen and Alexa Halford

This special issue presents recent advances in our understanding of energetic (~20 keV - 10 MeV) electron loss in the magnetosphere and the impacts of energetic precipitation on the atmosphere. 

The combination of BARREL multi-point balloon measurements with measurements from equatorial spacecraft (e.g. Van Allen Probes, LANL, THEMIS, MMS, GOES), LEO spacecraft (e.g. POES, CSSWE, FIREBIRD, AC-6), and ground-based instruments (e.g. riometers, AARDDVARK, EISCAT) is providing a unique opportunity to study the processes that cause precipitation, and to quantify the relative importance of precipitation versus magnetopause loss. Additionally, there is evidence that energetic precipitation may have significant impacts on the atmosphere through the production of odd hydrogen (HOx) and odd nitrogen (NOx), which can affect ozone chemistry, and lead to modification of atmospheric dynamics in the polar regions. Observational studies that use historical or recent data sets as well as theoretical studies of electron loss and its impacts are included.

This is a joint special section between JGR-Space Physics and JGR-Atmospheres. and manuscripts may be submitted to either journal:

JGR-Space Physics GEMS submission site

JGR-Atmospheres GEMS submission site