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AGU Fellows indicated by asterisk.

Uri ten Brink

Uri ten Brink,* Editor in Chief
USGS Woods Hole Science Center
384 Woods Hole Rd.
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Email: utenbrink@usgs.gov

Yehuda Ben-Zion

Yehuda Ben-Zion*
University of California
USC Earth Sciences
Zumberge Hall, Room 109
Los Angeles, CA 90089
Email: benzion@usc.edu

Martha Savage

Martha Savage*
Victoria University of Wellington
Institute of Geophysics, School of Earth Science
Cotton 529/Box 600
Wellington, 6140
New Zealand
Email: Martha.Savage@vuw.ac.nz

Paul Tregoning

Paul Tregoning
Australian National University
Research School of Earth Sciences
Mills Rd, Canberra, ACT 0200, Australia
Phone: 61-2-6125-5510
Email: paul.tregoning@anu.edu.au
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Doug Schmitt

Doug Schmitt
Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences Department
550 Stadium Mall Drive
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2051

Douglas R. Schmitt
University of Alberta
Department of Physics
CCIS 4-183
Edmonton, AB, T6G 2E1

Michael Walter

Michael Walter
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Bristol
Will’s Memorial Building
Queen’s Road
Bristol BS8 1RJ
United Kingdom
Email: m.j.walter@bristol.ac.uk

Editors' Assistant
Email: SolidEarth@agu.org