Rock mechanics and deformation

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Fault Mechanics

10 May 1979
This issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research is largely derived from papers presented at a conference entitled 'Fault Mechanics and Its Relation to Earthquake Prediction' held at Stanford University, December 1-3, 1977.

Fault Behavior and the Earthquake Generation Process

10 July 1984
This special section is a direct outgrowth of an AGU Chapman Conference on Fault Behavior and the Earthquake Generation Process that was convened in Snowbird, Utah, from October 11 to 15, 1982. The body of information concerning the behavior of faults in space and time, especially with regard to earthquake recurrence, fault zone geometry, and the mechanical and physical properties of fault zones that control rupture processes has been increasing at an enormous rate.

Mechanical Involvement of Fluids in Faulting

10 July 1995
A growing body of evidence suggests that fluids are intimately linked to a variety of faulting processes. These include the long term structural and compositional evolution of fault zones; fault creep; and the nucleation, propagation, arrest, and recurrence of earthquake ruptures.

Stress in the Lithosphere

10 November 1980
The magnitude of deviatoric stresses in the earth's crust and uppermost mantle, and especially the magnitude of shear stresses that resist plate motions across the major plate boundaries, is a matter of central importance to solid earth geophysics.