Petrology and mineralogy

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10 October 1990
Microgranular quartz diorite and diorite inclusions are widespread in central Sierra Nevada granitoid rocks and are almost exclusively restricted to hornblende-bearing rocks, most commonly felsic tonalites and mafic granodiorites. Strontium 87/strontium 86 values of the inclusions and host granitoids from individual plutons generally plot on single isochrons that agree closely with previously determined ages.

Illinois Deep Hole Project

10 September 1983
Commonwealth Edison recently drilled three engineering test holes in northwestern Illinois. The three holes (UPH 1, 2, and 3) were 0.6, 1.6, and 1.6 km deep, respectively, and the latter two penetrated nearly 1 km of Precambrian granitic basement. In 1980, continuous core from all three holes and access to UPH 3 were made available for scientific investigations through the Illinois Deep Hole Project.

Partial Melting Phenomena in the Earth and Planetary Evolution

10 August 1986
Partial melting has been a major element in the dynamic evolution of the moon, earth and other terrestrial planets since the earliest stages of their existence. The entire outer crust of these bodies has, at one time, passed through the melting process.

Silicate Melts and Mantle Petrogenesis (in Memory of Christopher M. Scarfe)

10 September 1990
In the summer of 1988 it was decided to commemorate Chris's career with a special session at an international meeting and a publication containing contributions volunteered by his former friends and associates

Mechanisms and Consequences of Melt Segregation From Crustal Protoliths

10 August 1995
If we concentrate too heavily on discernment of order and pattern, may we perhaps overlook or underrate the unique quality of each igneous or metamorphic episode? Possibly uniqueness may have as great significance as conformity to pattern when we attempt to fit the phenomena of petrology into the broad framework of geology.

Conference on Petrologic Crystal Chemistry

10 October 1972
A meeting was held on the island of Martha's Vineyard, September 8th, 1971, to provide an opportunity for discussion of selected topics in petrologic crystal chemistry by a group of approximately 100 petrologists and crystallographers.

Geochemical Measurements

10 June 1980
This issue of the Journal of Geophysical Research contains a special collection of papers derived in part from papers presented at a special session, Geochemical Measurements Pertinent to Earthquake Prediction,' at the 1978 Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union, held in San Francisco during December 4-8

The KTB Deep Drill Hole

10 August 1997
As long as we do not know when earthquakes will happen, when volcanoes will erupt, and how water circulates or energy is stored or minerals are concentrated, our life is a matter of chance. Fortunately, we are curious creatures, and our curiousity leads us to observe, measure, and interpret our surroundings.