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Advancing understanding of the Arctic Ocean freshwater budget

Editor’s Highlight—   This paper develops and presents a box model for a meteoric water budget in the Arctic Ocean by synthesizing available data and previous literature estimates. This is of interest because of the documented recent increases in freshwater in Arctic surface waters, particularly in.... more

Identifying the nearshore depth-dependence of eddies

Editor’s Highlight—   This paper presents some observations of depth dependent surfzone mean currents and eddies measured using 12 Acoustic Doppler Profilers. The depth dependence is investigated by considering upper and lower layer currents. The authors found that wave-breaking results in depth uniform.... more

Tracking driftwood gives researchers insight into past Arctic Ocean changes

Blog—  Wood from trees that fell into Arctic-draining rivers thousands of years ago is giving scientists a detailed look at how Arctic Ocean circulation has changed over the past 12,000 years. In a new study, researchers used nearly 1,000 pieces of driftwood collected from Arctic shorelines since the.... more

Modelling probability distributions of the dissipation rate

Editor’s Highlight—   The authors of this paper are among the few oceanographers who have mastered the complexities of stratified turbulent transport processes. This paper presents an analysis of observations of turbulent energy dissipation obtained from vertically profiling instruments. The authors.... more

Challenging predictions about ocean surface warming trends

Editor’s Highlight—   This paper challenges predictions from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change about ocean surface warming. The authors find that observations of the surface layer of the ocean at established sites in the North Pacific and North Atlantic contradict the assertion that global.... more

World’s Biggest Oxygen Producers Living in Swirling Ocean Waters

Sarah Witman, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Oceanographers probe the impact of deep swirling vortices on phytoplankton. Plankton are not just one species of sea creature but, rather, a large variety of tiny organisms. Algae, bacteria, crustaceans, mollusks, and more are all considered plankton. What sets them.... more

Detecting Gas Leaks with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Sarah Witman, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— A Norwegian team develops an improved, cost-effective method to detect chemical discharges under the sea. On the ocean floor, at this very minute, fleets of robots roam free—independent of human operators. These machines, called autonomous underwater vehicles, or.... more

Tiny ocean waves could make large ice shelves crumble

Blog—  Small ocean waves could play a bigger role in breaking up ice shelves than tsunamis or other large waves, a new study suggests. A new study examining vibrations in Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf finds small waves continuously impacting the ice shelf may create enough strain to extend existing cracks.... more