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Modeling Ocean Waves over Rocky Reefs

Sarah Witman, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— A field survey in Australia links rugged seafloor terrain to erosion-causing waves.  For many beachgoers, the cyclical nature of gently rolling and crashing waves is a soothing sight. But to oceanographers (and perhaps some surfers), the behavior of ocean waves is.... more

Impacts of chlorophyll concentrations on the Tropical Atlantic Ocean

Editor’s Highlight—   This paper considers the impact of “self-shading” by phytoplankton in alterting the absorption of heat through the upper water column, and particularly how this affects the near-surface temperature in zones of upwelling in the Atlantic. The authors combine modeling and observation.... more

Model tracks material flux around submarine volcano

Editor’s Highlight— Although based on a short time series of current meter observations, the modeling results presented in this paper are the first to detail the possible trajectories of vent larvae and chemical products from the summit of Axial Seamount, one of the most active submarine volcanoes off.... more

River Plumes near the Equator Have Major Effects on Oceans

Sarah Witman, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Every second, the Congo sends millions of gallons of freshwater deep into the Atlantic, influencing marine plants and wildlife. Two of the mightiest rivers in the world, although a continent apart, have a lot in common. The Congo River in Africa and the Amazon River.... more

First Detailed Study of Circulation off Angola

Sarah Stanley, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— New data give scientists insight into the eastern boundary current off Angola, helping them to evaluate and assess why simulations create sea surface temperature biases in the region.  The Angola Current transports warm, tropical waters off the west coast of southern.... more

Short-crested waves in the surf zone

Editor's Highlight— This paper provides insight into the complex rip current system under short-crested waves. It will improve the understanding of mixing and dispersion in the surf zone. More importantly, rip currents cause many drownings every year. Improving our predictive capability of rip currents.... more

Small-scale open-ocean currents have large effects on ocean wave heights

Editors' Highlight— Large scale ocean currents effect wave heights. This paper analyzes results from numerical modeling simulations and satellite data to assess the current-induced variability of surface waves. The results presented in this paper could be a useful source of information for planning.... more

Autonomous Floats Shed New Light on the Ocean’s Many Hues

Sarah Stanley, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Argo float data reveal regional deviations from existing models of the relationship between ocean color and biogeochemistry.  Earth’s oceans are undeniably blue, but tiny photosynthetic phytoplankton and dissolved organic material absorb and scatter sunlight, creating.... more