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The western Qaidam Basin as a Martian environmental analogue: An overview

Editor’s Highlight­­— There are many similarities between the Qaidam Basin on the Tibetan Plateau and contemporary Mars. As such it can be used as an “environmental analogue”; these are locations that are useful in the study of other planets in order to interpret data received from rovers and landers.... more

Studying Martian Rocks Without Leaving Planet Earth

Alexandra Branscombe, Freelance Writer

 From Research Spotlights—Matching Martian rock formations to those found on Earth can help researchers learn more about the Red Planet. In southern Utah, exposed veins of gypsum run through the Moenkopi Formation, a rock outcrop that formed during the Triassic period. Gypsum, a sulfate mineral.... more

Evaluating an impact origin for Mercury’s high-magnesium region

Editors’ Highlight—The MESSENGER spacecraft that orbited Mercury from 2011-2015 measured the elemental abundances of many major elements in order to understand the bulk composition of the planet and the processes that shaped its surface. One of the more surprising discoveries in the planet’s surface.... more

Water generation and transport below Europa's strike-slip faults

Editors’ Highlight— Kalousova et al. investigate the hypothesis that liquid water may be generated by frictional heating on strike-slip faults within Europa's ice shell.  Utilizing a new numerical model, the authors find that melting can occur at shallow levels and will be transported to the deep ocean.... more

Martian Mantle Models Pave Way for NASA’s InSight Lander

Mark Zastrow, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— The most detailed simulations to date of how heat flows through Mars’s interior are good news for the upcoming lander and will help scientists interpret its data. When NASA’s InSight lander touches down on Mars in November 2018, it will become the planet’s most advanced.... more

Planetary discovery over the past quarter century AGU News— Two editors look at the past, present, and future of the American Geophysical Union's planetary science journal. more Blog — The past quarter century has witnessed the opening of a veritable golden age in planetary science. The 1990s saw major growth in exploration of the solar.... more