Giant Planets

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Magnetospheres of the Outer Planets

30 August 1998
Measurements of dust coupled to the Jovian magnetosphere have been obtained with the dust detector on board the Galileo spacecraft.

Galileo Probe Mission to Jupiter

25 September 1998
This paper is an introduction to and overview of the accompanying papers in this issue which give detailed results from the Galileo probe mission to Jupiter, including results from the Galileo orbiter and Earth-based observations that are relevant for understanding the probe data and placing them in context.

Variable Phenomena in Jovian Planetary Systems

25 April 1994
This special section contains papers from the International Workshop on Variable Phenomena in Jovian Planetary Systems held in Annapolis, Maryland, July 13-16, 1992. As Galileo approaches Jupiter and the planning for the Cassini mission to Saturn progresses, the time was appropriate to assess the current knowledge of Jovian planetary systems and to evaluate what the near-Earth observing community could do to optimize the observations from these missions.