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A Mountain Range’s History Preserved in Ocean Sediments

Terri Cook, Freelance Writer

From Research Spotlights— Fission-track dating core samples from the Gulf of Alaska demonstrates that offshore sediments can be used to reconstruct a mountain range’s changing exhumation patterns.  In southeastern Alaska, the ongoing collision between the North American plate and a microplate.... more

Groundwater: A Hidden Influence on River Shape

Shannon Hall, Freelance Writer

A new study shows how groundwater influences river dynamics and channel pattern. From a single broad channel of rushing water to a braided network that’s split into many narrow passages, rivers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Scientists have shown that processes such as water flow, sediment transport.... more

Avalanches more complex than previously thought

Blog Post Avalanches can throw up a powdery cloud of snow as they violently charge down mountains, obscuring their inner workings from scientists. But new observations of artificially-triggered avalanches in Switzerland’s Vallée de la Sionne have penetrated this powdery veil…more more

A simple model for regolith formation by chemical weathering

Editors’ Highlight The authors make an important step in the simulation of the critical zone architecture and how chemical weathering proceeds and forms regolith. Their model is based on the assumption that weathering is limited by the rate that pore fluids remove solutes from the reaction front. This.... more

A synthesis of the basal thermal state of the Greenland Ice Sheet

Editors’ Highlight— This is a comprehensive review and reanalysis of a variety a data sources relating to the thermal state of the bed of the Greenland Ice Sheet. This represents an important development that is of relevance to a range of current and future investigations of the state and response of.... more

Rate-weakening drag during glacier sliding

Editors’ Highlight— The manuscript reports a set of carefully-constructed hardware laboratory experiments that simulate glacier sliding, yielding interesting and novel results. Correctly specifying basal sliding in models of glacier motion is an important challenge. more

How Do Tropical Forests Slow Knickpoints in Rivers?

From Research Spotlights— Using Puerto Rico’s Luquillo Mountains as a case study, scientists use the region’s geological history to study how knickpoints—areas where there’s a sharp change in the river’s slope—move over time High up on the northeastern edge of Puerto Rico are the Luquillo Mountains,.... more