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New Estimates of Ozone Transport in Extratropical Cyclones

William Randel, Editor, JGR: Atmospheres

Editors' Highlight— Cross-tropopause ozone transport in midlatitude cyclones, coincident with dry air intrusions, is derived from satellite and reanalysis data organized in cyclone-centric coordinates. Ozone transport from stratosphere-to-troposphere occurs in midlatitude synoptic weather systems, but.... more

Listening to the Clouds

Zhanqing Li, Editor, JGR: Atmospheres

Editors' Highlight— The assimilation of cloud-cleared infrared data improves numerical weather forecasting, especially for hurricanes, by providing thermodynamic information in cloudy atmosphere. In numerical weather prediction (NWP), the radiance measurements from high spectral resolution infrared.... more

How Does Snow Affect the Intensity of Mountain Precipitation?

Terri Cook, Freelance Writer

Research Spotlight— A new investigation into the sensitivity of extreme precipitation in a changing climate indicates that more winter rainfall and protracted snowmelt may require local adaptations to winter flooding impacts. Accurately predicting the intensity of extreme precipitation events in a changing.... more

Cosmic rays, aerosols, clouds, and climate: Recent findings from the CLOUD experiment

Emily Underwood, Freelance Writer

Commentary— The Cosmics Leaving OUtdoor Droplets (CLOUD) experiment was created to systematically test the link between galactic cosmic rays (GCR) and climate, specifically, the connection of ions from GCR to aerosol nucleation and cloud condensation nuclei (CCN), the particles on which cloud droplets.... more

Addition by Subtraction: Raising the Bar for Satellite Imagery

Zhanqing Li, Editor, JGR: Atmospheres

Editors' Highlight— When it comes to forecaster analysis of complex satellite imagery, less can be more, and a new technique aims to simplify imagery interpretation by suppressing the background noise. A picture being worth a thousand words is not always such a good thing! When a complex environmental.... more

Peruvian glaciers face large changes

Editor’s Highlight—   This paper explores past and projected data on tropical glaciers in Peru. Under future carbon dioxide scenarios very large changes can be expected in glacier extent in the Peruvian Andes. Even under the most optimistic scenario, glaciers are likely to continue shrinking considerably..... more

Lightning Data Improves Precipitation Forecasts

Minghua Zhang, Editor-in-Chief, JGR: Atmospheres, 22 November 2017

Editor’s Highlight—  Short-term forecasts of precipitation and convection can be improved when lightning data are assimilated in the Weather Research and Forecasting system.  Forecasting the timing and location of heavy precipitation in thunderstorms has been a challenge in the numerical weather prediction.... more