Call for Papers for “Atmosphere-ice-ocean-ecosystem processes in a thinner Arctic sea ice regime: the Norwegian young sea ICE cruise 2015 (N-ICE2015)”

Submission acceptance begins: 1 April 2016
Submission deadline: 31 July 2016

The sea ice in the Arctic Ocean has been in rapid decline, and the largely perennial ice cover a decade ago has shifted to a ice pack composed mainly of thinner and younger ice, that is more vulnerable to melt during summer and with larger open water extents in recent summers. The conseques of ice loss may be felt far away from the Arctic, notwithstanding the local effects on the interactions between ice-ocean-atmosphere and effects on the Arctic marine ecosystem.

This special section will compile the major results from the half-year N-ICE2015 campaign that took place in winter-spring 2015 in the Arctic ice pack north of Svalbard in JGR-Oceans, JGR-Atmospheres and JGR-Biogeosciences. We especially seek for contributions that takes a holistic approach to understand the interactions between hydrosphere-cryosphere-biosphere and potential effects of ice thinning on all components of the system. We also welcome contributions that make use of data collected during the campaign, and that contribute to a better understanding of the conditions in the study region in pan-Arctic, hemispheric, global and climatological context during the campaign.

All manuscripts should be submitted through the GEMS Web site. For additional information please contact: