Unsolved Problems in Magnetospheric Physics

Last Updated: 5 February 2018

This special section highlights unsolved problems in magnetospheric physics following a workshop on this topic held in Scarborough, UK, in September 2015 (UPMP). The current state of magnetospheric physics is vibrant with a number of ongoing and highly-successful missions (e.g. Van Allen Probes, Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission, etc.) currently uncovering new physical processes at work in the Earth's magnetosphere. Along with ground-based observations, theory, and other satellite observations (both at Earth and in the wider solar-system) our understanding of solar-wind/magnetosphere interactions is being transformed. In this Special Section we solicit original research papers, and commentaries, on the most salient research questions still to be addressed by the community. Our ultimate aim is to stimulate research efforts on these topics and thus advance our understanding of magnetospheric physics in general.

Guest Editor: Michael Denton, Space Science Institute, New Mexico Consortium

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