Orogenic cycles: from field observations to global geodynamics

Last Updated: 8 February 2018

Associate Editors: Virginia Toy, Gianretto Manatschal, Gideon Rosenbaum, Meghan Miller, Rodolfo Carosi
Orogens do not evolve in a continuum manner. Instead their evolution is characterized by episodes of intense contractional deformation intermitted by periods of tectonic quiescence. The mechanics, rates, and drivers of such switches in tectonic mode have attracted substantial research at all scales, ranging from microstructural investigation of distinct shear zones to lithospheric-scale geophysical examination. The underpinning processes are still debated, but can potentially be unravelled by co-operative consideration of emerging high-resolution structural, metamorphic, magmatic and geochronological data.

This special volume will address the topic of orogenic cycles based on observations made within the European Alps and Mediterranean, as well as other ancient and active orogenic systems, with an emphasis on (1) the geological evidence associated with orogenic cycles; (2) the geodynamic processes governing orogenic cycles; and (3) the implications of orogenic cycles to global tectonics. Potential contributions could address, for example, relationships between orogenic episodes and pre-existing rifted margins, links between orogenic cycles and plate reorganization events, and episodic behaviour of magmatic arcs.

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