An Appraisal of Global Continental Crust: Structure and Evolution

Last Updated: 8 February 2018

Associate Editors: Yu Jeffrey Gu, Claire Currie, Ved Lekic, Gabi Laske

The availability of broadband geophysical arrays, such as recent deployments of dense networks across North America and Asia, has substantially increased our ability to characterize crustal properties beneath major continents.  The improved data constraints, coupled with numerical simulations, enable an in-depth analysis of the structure, composition, spatial variability and evolution of the continental crust. This special issue combines new observations and synthesis of continental crust with comprehensive reviews of the evidence from a wide range of disciplines including seismology, geodynamics, gravity, magnetics and geochemistry.  In addition to a global component, this special issue offers new perspectives on the major continents such as North America, South America and Asia.
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