Water Resources Monograph Series

The Water Resources Monograph Series is an effective medium for disseminating current expertise in hydrology and water resources planning and management to those engaged in the day-to-day problem of water resources development. The series is intended to serve those who are not engaged in specialized research. In fundamental contrast with research papers, the series limits discussion of unproven experimental work and complex and detailed mathematical manipulations. The series presents a brief but well-articulated treatment of the theoretical background of the subject matter, followed by examples and applications worked out in sufficient detail to be easily followed to the end result. In general, a strong emphasis is placed on a thorough exposition of the techniques involved. ISSN: 0170-9600

Vol. 19, Mountain Rivers Revisited

Vol. 18, Landslides: Processes, Prediction, and Land Use

Vol. 17, Soil and Groundwater Contamination: Nonaqueous Phase Liquids— Principles and Observations

Vol. 16, Water: Science, Policy, and Management: Challenges and Opportunities

Vol. 15, Infiltration Theory for Hydrologic Applications

Vol. 14, Mountain Rivers

Vol. 13, Groundwater Modeling by the Finite Element Method

Vol. 12, River Meandering

Vol. 11, Hillslope Stability and Land Use

Vol. 10, Groundwater Transport: Handbook of Mathematical Models

Vol. 9, Groundwater Hydraulics

Vol. 8, The Scientist and Engineer in Court

Vol. 7, Urban Stormwater Hydrology

Vol. 6, Metropolitan Water Management

Vol. 5, Groundwater Management: The Use of Numerical Models

Vol. 4, Multiobjective Water Resource Planning

Vol. 3, Outdoor Recreation and Water Resources Planning

Vol. 2, Benefit‐Cost Analysis for Water System Planning

Vol. 1, Synthetic Streamflows

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