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The Many Magmatic Modifications to the African Continent

Editors' Highlight—

How the very slow moving African Continent, with a lithosphere of quite varied age elements and thickness, has responded to ongoing asthenospheric modification.

The Cenozoic East African rift, Cameroon Volcanic Line and Atlas Mountains all formed on the slow-moving African continent. Ebinger et al. [2017] evaluate a robust compilation of geophysical data to evaluate the role of magmatism in shaping these crustal features in Africa. Within the southernmost Eastern rift, the authors find that crust comprises about 20 per cent of new magmatic material that has ponded in the lower crust sills, and intruded as sills and dikes at shallower depths. In the Main Ethiopian rift, intrusions comprise 30 per cent of the crust below axial zones of dike-dominated extension. Meanwhile, in the incipient rupture zones of the Afar rift, magma intrusions fed from crustal magma chambers beneath segment centers create new columns of mafic crust, as along slow-spreading ridges....more

-- John Geissman, Editor-in-Chief, Tectonics,