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Expansion of ionospheric monitoring over Asia

Editor’s Highlight—

This paper describes the exciting expansion of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) monitoring across China. The Beidou Ionospheric Observation Network (BION) consists of 32 GNSS receivers across China which sample navigation signals at 0.5-5 Hz from multiple GNSS constellations, including 5 geosynchronous satellites. This informative paper describes receiver hardware, discusses data products pertinent to the ionospheric/space weather community, explains scientific objectives of the receiver network, and highlights the unique observations provided by the geosynchronous Beidou Navigation Satellite System. The high spatial resolution total electron content observations of BION provide new and high impact observations of the structure and dynamics of the low to mid-latitude ionosphere. This lays the groundwork for future studies utilizing the Beidou system as well as expanding our understanding of ionospheric characteristics over Asia. The ionospheric community should be aware of this new dataset.