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A recent paper in Reviews of Geophysics explored the characteristics of porous media, described advances in percolation theory and its various applications across the geosciences.

In the geosciences the flow and transport properties of porous media are typically associated with water resources, hydrogeology, groundwater contaminants and remediation. However, porous media and their processes actually extend from soils and plants at Earth’s surface down to the deep crust. In an article recently published in Reviews in GeophysicsHunt and Sahimi [2017] suggested an alternative approach and theoretical solutions to difficult problems regarding porous media. The editor asked the authors to explain the significance of porous media and describe developments in this field of research....more

-- Allen G. Hunt, Department of Physics and Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Wright State University; and Muhammad Sahimi, Mork Family Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of Southern California Los Angeles,