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Ripples and deposits on Martian dunes

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This paper provides an overview of the Mars Science Laboratory’s rover “Curiosity” month-long exploration of the Bagnold dune field, in particular the exploration of the High and Namib dunes. The authors document a series of observations from the stoss and lee slopes of these dunes as well as the interdune area, methodologically describing the features observed in each zone, and their relations to each other. The results are used to infer the expected stratigraphy that would be recorded from a generic Martian eolian system in a variety of configurations. This is a more in-depth, system-level look at the Bagnold Dune Field than previous work by the same authors and, to date, is the most comprehensive survey of any eolian system visited by rovers on Mars. It should be of use in the interpretation of other aeolian deposits on Mars.