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Analysis of the sedimentary composition of a Martian dunefield

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This paper presents findings from an in-situ analysis of an active dunefield on Mars. The observations advance previous studies at Gusev Crater, which suggested that olivine may get sorted as a mineral more resistant to weathering under the arid, eolian conditions of sediment transport that currently dominate Mars. The authors also develop several alternative hypotheses for sediment processes within active dunes on Mars which can be tested by future work: reduced chemical alteration; removal of alteration rinds at the surface of grains during transport; limited interaction with volcanic gases or aerosols; and physical sorting that removes the smallest and most altered grains.

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Geochemistry of the Bagnold dune field as observed by ChemCam and comparison with other aeolian deposits at Gale Crater

Agnes Cousin, Erwin Dehouck, Pierre‐Yves Meslin, Olivier Forni, Amy J. Williams, Nathan Stein, Olivier Gasnault, Nathan Bridges, Bethany Ehlmann, Susanne Schröder, Valérie Payré, William Rapin, Patrick Pinet, Violaine Sautter, Nina Lanza, Jérémie Lasue, Sylvestre Maurice, Roger C. Wiens
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