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Higher accuracy global ozone data

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This paper presents the results of a major, international effort to homogenize and reprocess ozonesonde data for consistency. This large data set is used by many satellite and modeling groups. The results in this paper demonstrate the value of the reprocessing, and for those who’ve used this data in prior studies, they should be alerted to the improved quality of the new version of the data. This revision of the data now puts the data accuracy at 5 percent, the target for satellite validation, and the “gold standard” for ozone measurement. 

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First Reprocessing of Southern Hemisphere Additional Ozonesondes (SHADOZ) Ozone Profiles (1998–2016): 2. Comparisons With Satellites and Ground‐Based Instruments

Anne M. Thompson, Jacquelyn C. Witte, Chance Sterling, Allen Jordan, Bryan J. Johnson, Samuel J. Oltmans, Masatomo Fujiwara, Holger Vömel, Marc Allaart, Ankie Piters, Gert J. R. Coetzee, Françoise Posny, Ernesto Corrales, Jorge Andres Diaz, Christian Félix, Ninong Komala, Nga Lai, H. T. Ahn Nguyen, Matakite Maata, Francis Mani, Zamuna Zainal, Shin‐ya Ogino, Francisco Paredes, Tercio Luiz Bezerra Penha, Francisco Raimundo da Silva, Sukarni Sallons‐Mitro, Henry B. Selkirk, F. J. Schmidlin, Rene Stübi, Kennedy Thiongo
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