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Strengthening the hypothesis of a diffusion creep Earth

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This research field has suffered from bimodal views for the last 40 years. On the one hand there was dislocation creep, inducing crystallographic preferred orientation (CPO), and seismic anisotropy; on the other hand was diffusion creep, no CPO, and no seismic anisotropy. This study presents statistical analyses of the rotation and sliding observed in very fine-grained aggregates of pure forsterite+ diopside, deformed at high temperature and room pressure in a creep apparatus. The first paper presents the data while the second details the rotation angles for both forsterite and diopside, for rotation occurring ‘in-plane’ and ‘out-of-plane’. The results suggest that diffusion creep can lead to CPO if the grain size is small. This represents a significant revision of our knowledge in mineral physics and strengthen the hypothesis of a diffusion creep Earth.