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Jets of Ionospheric Cold Plasma Discovered at the Magnetopause

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The lower-energy particles may play a larger role in magnetic reconnection than previously believed, influencing space weather near Earth.

The Sun and Earth both produce powerful magnetic fields, and their intersection creates a complex system of physics that determines the space weather experienced by our planet.

The solar wind—a constant stream of charged particles (plasma) emitted from the Sun—collides with Earth’s magnetic field, like water flowing around a rock in a river. The collision of the two magnetic fields produces a phenomenon known as magnetic reconnection, in which the field lines of both the planet and its star snap together following the perturbation. The process releases jets of high-energy plasma, which can produce auroras and disrupt communication systems when they collide with Earth’s magnetic field....more

-- David Shultz, Freelance Writer,

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Magnetospheric Physics

Cold Ionospheric Ions in the Magnetic Reconnection Outflow Region

W. Y. Li, M. André, Yu. V. Khotyaintsev, A. Vaivads, S. A. Fuselier, D. B. Graham, S. Toledo‐Redondo, B. Lavraud, D. L. Turner, C. Norgren, B. B. Tang, C. Wang, P.‐A. Lindqvist, D. T. Young, M. Chandler, B. Giles, C. Pollock, R. Ergun, C. T. Russell, R. Torbert, T. Moore, J. Burch
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