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Projecting wave changes and coastal impacts of climate change

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This paper uses a statistical downscaling approach to project how waves may change in the twenty-first century under different climate change scenarios. This is an interesting approach and the results confirm the findings of other studies. Such replication of results using different ensembles and techniques is important in the study of climate change as it strengthens the general confidence that the changes we model for future climate scenarios are significant and consistent. The authors also discuss the potential of this statistical framework as a source of data for impact assessment along the coast, together with tidal, storm surge, and sea level rise data. A valuable advantage of using statistical techniques like this is that they can provide reliable results very quickly, enabling the use of much larger ensembles with respect to dynamic downscaling, and increasing the statistical confidence of the projected changes. Overall this study makes a valued contribution to the topic of future ocean surface change and related impacts, which is of broad international importance.


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