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Measuring radiation at the International Space Station

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This paper offers some very practical insight into how radiation and radiation dose is measured at the International Space Station (ISS). The authors provide simultaneous, long-term estimates of radiation dose external to the ISS for four source categories: (i) galactic cosmic ray particles and their secondary products; (ii) protons in the South Atlantic Anomaly region of the inner radiation belt; (iii) relativistic electrons and/or bremsstrahlung in the outer radiation belt; and (iv) solar energetic particle events and explain how these are categorized. The authors also reference the relevant literature to provide the reader with a history of how the measurement system external to the ISS has developed.  Figure 3 in the manuscript, which provides McIlwain L-shell profiles of the dose rates measured with the R3DR2 instrument for the period 11-20 and 21-30 June 2015, is particularly instructive.