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Opportunities for hydrologic research in the Congo Basin

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 Promoting the Universal Language of Science: Translating Congo Research  

What do we really know about the Congo? Most of what we know is rooted in historic accounts and news blurbs, which are often rather negative. Hydrologic science is also ignorant: There is an order of magnitude more peer-reviewed papers published about the Amazon than about the Congo. Yet, with over 80 million people living in a dozen countries within and around the Congo Basin, there is great opportunity, especially for science. The two main barriers limiting scientific discovery in the Congo are language and economics. French is the universal language of the scientists and engineers who live and work in the Congo, and indeed many papers on the Congo have been published in French-language journals. Access to English-language journals, including those of AGU, is more limited… more

-- Douglas Alsdorf,

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Opportunities for hydrologic research in the Congo Basin

Douglas Alsdorf, Ed Beighley, Alain Laraque, Hyongki Lee, Raphael Tshimanga, Fiachra O'Loughlin, Gil Mahé, Bienvenu Dinga, Guy Moukandi, Robert G. M. Spencer
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