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The periodic topography of ice stream beds: insights from the Fourier spectra of mega-scale glacial lineations

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This paper reports the first application of the 2-dimensional discrete Fourier transform method to describing and analyzing the orientation-specific roughness elements of mega-scale glacial lineations (MSGL). Applying the technique to several case study examples reveals characteristic, orientation-specific roughness scales that guide process-related inferences on MSGL formation and evolution.

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The periodic topography of ice stream beds: Insights from the Fourier spectra of mega‐scale glacial lineations

Matteo Spagnolo, Timothy C. Bartholomaus, Chris D. Clark, Chris R. Stokes, Nigel Atkinson, Julian A. Dowdeswell, Jeremy C. Ely, Alastair G. C. Graham, Kelly A. Hogan, Edward C. King, Robert D. Larter, Stephen J. Livingstone, Hamish D. Pritchard
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