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Combining instruments for ocean observation

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This paper analyses deep convection in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea using a very large dataset. Observational data on temperature and salt content was collected from gliders, floats, ship cruises, and a mooring array. Using a combination of new instruments to study particularly challenging processes such as convection could offer a new approach to ocean observation. This is an introductory paper to a Special Section entitled “Dense water formations in the North Western Mediterranean: from the physical forcings to the biogeochemical consequences”. 

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Introduction to a Special Section

Multiscale Observations of Deep Convection in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea During Winter 2012‐2013 Using Multiple Platforms

Pierre Testor, Anthony Bosse, Loïc Houpert, Félix Margirier, Laurent Mortier, Hervé Legoff, Denis Dausse, Matthieu Labaste, Johannes Karstensen, Daniel Hayes, Antonio Olita, Alberto Ribotti, Katrin Schroeder, Jacopo Chiggiato, Reiner Onken, Emma Heslop, Baptiste Mourre, Fabrizio D'Ortenzio, Nicolas Mayot, Héloise Lavigne, Orens de Fommervault, Laurent Coppola, Louis Prieur, Vincent Taillandier, Xavier Durrieu de Madron, Francois Bourrin, Gael Many, Pierre Damien, Claude Estournel, Patrick Marsaleix, Isabelle Taupier‐Letage, Patrick Raimbault, Robin Waldman, Marie‐Noelle Bouin, Hervé Giordani, Guy Caniaux, Samuel Somot, Véronique Ducrocq, Pascal Conan
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