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Strong current sheet at a magnetosheath jet: kinetic structure and electron acceleration

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This paper provides new MMS observations revealing the complexity of a small-scale structure associated with a magnetosheath jet, which may advance our understanding of the origin of electron beams in the magnetosheath.

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Magnetospheric Physics

Strong current sheet at a magnetosheath jet: Kinetic structure and electron acceleration

E. Eriksson, A. Vaivads, D. B. Graham, Yu. V. Khotyaintsev, E. Yordanova, H. Hietala, M. André, L. A. Avanov, J. C. Dorelli, D. J. Gershman, B. L. Giles, B. Lavraud, W. R. Paterson, C. J. Pollock, Y. Saito, W. Magnes, C. Russell, R. Torbert, R. Ergun, P‐A. Lindqvist, J. Burch
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