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An Online Conversation with Ken Caldeira and Ben van der Pluijm about Global Climate Change

Reddit AMA—The Reddit community asked a climate scientist and hazards geologist about environmental change and dealing with its impact on society. They discussed whether various geoengineering techniques could really be expected to reduce climate damage affecting both ecosystems and people. [more]

Good Night Sunshine: Geoengineering Solutions to Climate Change?

Editors’ Vox—The goal of last year’s Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 2C, if not 1.5C, are admirable, but it’s unlikely that this aspirational goal can be reached with voluntary greenhouse gas emission reductions alone. Already, we are nearing the 1.5C global warming level, with predictions for reaching 2C not far into the future. The implications of global warming are recognized widely, both in short-term events like coastal inundation and extreme weather, and long-term in the form of permanently shifting climate zones and higher sea level. The range of our actions, however, is not limited to greenhouse gas generation only....more


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